An idea I had for a sorting system using a bearer and a workbench

so, we all have had to deal with a full inventory of garbage that needs us to go to 20 different chests to offload it, but what if we didn’t, what if we had a sherpa/bearer that acted as a warehouse manager that would have a central inventory to store things we want organized and then moved them to chests that have been assigned to be used for the sorting system, with specific tags on those inventory’s to manage the items put into them, we then would no longer need to spend 15-20 minutes wasted on sorting garbage, hell we could even have it make benches automatically take materials they need and have a big info list detailing how much is needed vs how much the system has, and the information displayed could be different depending on the level of the bearer as well as changing the sorting speed of the bearer, this is my rant done and over with hope people like the idea

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I love the idea, a little too much like ARK the way you described it but it sounds like a line of thinking I want Funcom to consider. :+1:

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