Last suggestion for today...Dedicated storage

I have played games, and modded servers, that have dedicated storage. ARK has it. Greatest thing ever. Know what I despise? Having to go back and forth to many different storage containers, trying to organize my stuff, and placing that one single piece of something in the right container. It’s my single biggest pet peeve for these kinds of games. It’s tedious and boring. Feels like a waste of gaming time.

In ARK, once you get to TEK, you can create both dedicated storage, and a receiver. You walk up to the receiver and press E, and it pulls everything out of your inventory that has a dedicated storage container set up for that item.

Don’t really care how it is done, or what the details are. I would just like a way of auto-sorting the trivial items. Maybe create a drop off bin, with a thrall dedicated to the sorting, and the sorting happens over a short period of time. Maybe make the bearer thrall work in conjunction with this drop off bin? Maybe even make the Bearer the receptacle? It then searches for stacks for a container with a partial stack matching the items in its inventory? Maybe they only do this when you select them to do this function, otherwise they just keep the items in their inventory?

Don’t really care how this is done, but sorting items is tedious. Anything that lessens that is a good thing. At least do this for the new map.


Would be great as long as they don’t force me to do it! I LOVE organizing my things in appropriate chests, and I label them neatly and take great pleasure in having a place for everything and everything in its place! I’m a nerd.

And go Buckeyes!


Yeah, as long as it is not made automatic…as in you just enter your base and everything is sorted, then there should be no problem.

I also don’t mind a little bit of sorting, but there are many times I hate it. I have a whole lot of things in my inventory, and I spend a half hour running back and forth between buildings and chests and the disassembly bench, etc… Hate that. Plus, I don’t think everything should be sorted. Just the raw materials. Hide, leather, thick leather, coal, steel bars, stone, bricks, etc…

Weapons, armor, crafted food, potions, structure pieces, etc…all that should never be auto sorted. So after a long excursion, you will still have stuff to sort. It just won’t be as tedious.

I think if implemented correctly, this would greatly improve quality of life. You are right that the sorting the sheer amount of materials can get quite tedious and time consuming, taking away from time actually spent playing. I can get behind an auto sort bench run by a bearer thrall that places specific items into to predetermined chest. You empty the inventory into the bench those things that meet chest labels, or however it is structured are sorted. It would be nice if it was customizable regarding what is sorted.

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I looooove sorting out my crap manually because I am also a big nerd. However that would be a welcome feature in the oft time where I really just want to explore and kill.


I never played Ark so i don’t exactly understand what you say but i think that i get the idea. Yes i agree, it is really frustrating, the materials are too many and they are useful for more than one working bench. So organizing the working benches and the chests is very important before going full encumbrance, because then it will take you an hour to empty your inventory. To my clan the organization thing is mine. I don’t like pvp but there are several things you can do and help your clan than fighting and bombing. I always liked this role, my favorite position in soccer is goalkeeper :wink:. Now back to the topic. It would be really nice for the new players to have something like the one that you mention, for me however it’s the same because i get used to it. Nice suggestion dude :+1:

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