"Tek Storage" Mechanic (ARK) - Sorting loot

Just when Conan Exiles one-ups ARK with the neigh instantly loading bases, ARK rebounds by implementing into the core game the Tek Storage mechanic popularized by a mod.

It has 1800 slots, storing up to 360,000 of a single type of item if it stacks to 200. Shows the icon and number of it on the outside automatically. It is perfectly stackable, because the boxes snap on to each other.

It takes and stores the corresponding item(s) from your inventory automatically by pressing E on the box.
Can set it to deposit all or withdraw stacks upon button press.

While the dismantling bench and vault combination kind of fulfills this role, once you’ve used a Tek Storage system, you can’t go back.

There is something “therapeutically zenful” about offloading a whole load of heavy stuff into a stone box with a push of a button on the chests without opening the inventory window even once, or even having to sort through it using the search slot, and watching your weight lighten into the feather-zone :3

Just imagine having a Tek Storage for glass and leather!

Conan Exiles already introduces the “quick loot” overlay on chests, but when it comes to quick-sorting one’s inventory and having an overview of one’s entire stockpile, this is definitely a god-send.

On the balance side of things, these boxes are very fragile. It’s probably a good idea to build a base AROUND these boxes. I don’t know if it’s a bug or not, but the storage contents can be stolen by strangers.


as long as they do not start doing tek stuff yes… LOL…

They already have the boxes for this, all they need to do is make it add the icon of the item you put in it and lock it to the first stack you put in… (I.e you put stone in a box dont let wood go into it)

If you put a weapon (does not matter what one) all weapons will go into it and same for armor… just show a general weapon / armor icon for them.

but having quick deposit option minimum would be nice…


Would also extend the life of the fragments of power end-game as well and feed into the sorcery system :wink:

Void storage :slight_smile:

Even the option to lock a Chest or other container to one specific type of item would be amazing. Then you could just drop everything off in one chest at a time, and whatever was left in the dreaded “Misc” vault that I’m sure we all have :rofl: It would cut down on the time I spend playing Inventory Sorter tremendously.

Icons and item count would just be icing on the cake (not that I’d be saying no to it, mind!).

And yes, Fragments of Power would make sense here, as it’d obviously have to be Sorcery-fueled rather than technology.


Hell, if they released a DLC with just this, I’d buy three!

While I share your enthusiasm and sentiment, selling QoL features as DLC’s would be morally corrupt.

Only things that should be DLC’s are cosmetics and cosplay pictures of Tasha.

I’d consider it unethical rather than immoral, but yeah, I see your point. Still, figured invoking the “Shut up and take my money” meme would serve to drive-home how serious I am about wanting such a mechanic.

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