Bigger, better inventory system

For the record I have been playing on PS4. I’m fairly new to Conan Exiles but in the short time I’ve played it has been more of a struggle than a joy. I like the idea of the game but find that as many others have said in other forums and across the web it feels totally unfinished. My biggest area of grief is the inventory menu as it stands now it is extremely frustrating to use. I play on a 65” TV and have great difficulty trying to tell what it is I’m selecting; it seems to me some improvements could be made in the dimyand layout of the inventory menu. Also trying to find the item I’m needing to craft is just annoying especially when building structures, they all are pretty much the same in appearance. I would like to suggest a system similar to what Wildcard did in ark; which is they created a folder system so if I’m only looking to craft let’s say sandstone structures then I have the option to only see those types of structures. I have noticed there is currently some sort of filtering system, but I’ve tried using it to no avail; everything is just reorganized in a great big long jumble of tiny images and I still can’t find what I’m looking for. Also would like to suggest a hot bar like they have on PC because the current radial wheel is absolutely frustrating to use and very limited on item slots also have yet to figure out why sometime it will automatically put random items in a radial slot and sometimes it won’t, also how come when I run out of cooked meat in my radial wheel it won’t replace it with the other stack I have in my inventory. Well those are the few suggestions I have at the moment, thanks to anyone taking the time to read my post.


I made the organization suggestion in my suggestion post titled 'Organize Craftables into folders" it just needs more support.

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Saw this, read it, bumped it :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the support!

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