Quick Filters for the inventory interface would be a huge quality of life improvement

Below I have attached a crude mock up of an expanded quick filter system for the inventory interface. I love the fact that there are so many things to build in Conan Exiles. It is just that the search bar and current filter interface doesn’t make navigation easy.

I was thinking that adding some quick filters would be a huge improvement. The first set being very close to what you currently have: Building, Work benches, Tools, Weapons, Armor, Consumables, Materials. The second and third being the key filters. Example for Building would have sub filters of: Stone, Stone brick, T3, Insulated Wood, Black Ice, Khitian. That way one could get to just the items in the exact material they wanted in two clicks. You could then add a third refinement filter at the top where you currently have your quick filter tabs things like:Foundations, Walls, Roofs, Doors.

What does everyone think. I just want to be able to quickly find things. Also will you please have the thing to default to the search bar when I start typing in the inventory screen. And please have it default to the top of the slider bar box when I have typed something in. It is so annoying to have to click up there every time, and then move the scroll bar to the top. It’s small I know, but like a paper cut that keeps getting opened up.

Over all I really enjoy playing and think that you guys are doing a fantastic job. Usual and inevitable complaints and problems aside. You have made an extremely fun and addictive world / game.