Something I would like to see

What I would like to see in Conan Exiles PS4 is a search function for the player crafting inventory. It’s hard to rp a adventure when it reaches nightfall and you decide to pull up camp for the night. Alas you need to make a campfire and bedroll. And that’s about where the role playing ends because by the time you scroll through the inv to make them it’s morning again.


We have been asking this for the longest time now. And we can only hope that the good folks at Funcom hear our pleas and come to the table. If we cant add a search bar, or even while we are waiting, could we please move Bedrolls, Campfire and Torch to the top row of the Handcrafting menu, just like we did Twine and Silk (items which actually recieve less use) before them? Consoles seriously need some QoL improvements when it comes to navigating menus.

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Harsh truth: That is PROGRAMMED into the game.
If you plugin a controller at the PC version, the search field also disappears.

I still dont get it, why this function is not removed… Its not like that this is the first complain about this.

Also you already have a search function at the consoles. You can search through your feets (and it works fine).

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