Increase the toolbelt to 10 slots?

Now that we got another tool to keep around, isn’t it about time to upgrade the old toolbelt to 10+ slots?
Swapping tools in and out the belt can hardly be considered adding any gameplay value except tedium.


Conan Exiles could really use a proper GUI.

The one they have used for several years now is underwhelming.

My two big gripes are the state of the hotbar and or lack of options around it.

And the inability to disable ./look at pop up menus.

I wish in a game this pretty, any time I looked at a bench I was not presented with a giant square box with block print of what it is. “FURNACE” As if I did not already know.

I would be happier just pretty E to open containers and never having to look at text again. I would gladly optionally forfeit my quick loot options to be able to walk around my base in peace.

That, or a minimize option so everything is… minimalized.

I honestly don’t know how they haven’t implemented a second hot bar that you can toggle between. 8 slots is fine for combat/exploration or mining/building but not for both.

Heh, Yeah. The UI is really terrible, just gotten used to it’s awfulness over the years xD but atleast they fixed a few bugs in it thats pestered me since the start! \o/

I suppose the toolbar is alleviated a bit by condensing all building into a hammer, (although it’s hard to find stuff now)
what does the toolbar need to have?
4-skinning knife
6-building hammer
8-healing potions
10-holy harvest tool
…yeah. 10 slots minimum would be needed.

Given that even on consoles a wheel menu fits in 11 slots, it would be fine. But then again, there a risk that this will make a process of quick selecting a weapon or a tool more difficult.

In elder scrolls on line you had 2 wheels of choise, this would be better