More Storage Options PLEASE: A Renewed Call

Greetings fellow Exiles.

In the wake of recent confusion surrounding some of the items on the Black Lotus Bazaar, and the frustration expressed by some members here on the forum (thread 1, thread 2), I thought now would be an appropriate time to create this thread. This has been raised numerous times and by multiple members over the years, myself included. People have requested among other possibilities, that the following items be added to the game as actual fully fledged storage options, NOT merely cosmetic placeables like some currently are.

  • barrels
  • chest of drawers
  • sacks
  • kegs
  • urns
  • bookcases
  • reskins of existing chests
  • reskins of existing cupboards
  • [feel free to suggest others]

This is a renewed call for a frequently requested, long sought after, quality of life addition to to an already amazing game.

Funcom please, PLEASE add some additional storage options to Conan Exiles!


This will make so much sense
The storage will then not be some boring large chest spam.

Even small jewel boxes would be amazing!
Also a weapon rack, the weapons don’t have to display but its would be a nice storage item.


Fairly certain that wall mounted weapon displays exist. but if you mean a floor stand version, yeah that would be nice.

the wall mounts are potentially dangerous as (at least in the past) upgrading or removing the wall removed the racks and contents without generating a loot bag. lost a few legendaries that way.


Yeah something like this weapon rack:

Image credits goes to Donald Artz

I luckily never had this :sweat:


And please do so in the base game, not just the Bazaar, so we can see some variation in storage sizes without people yelling about P2W.


I don’t know anymore! I believe that in these matters we walk in thin lines from now on! @CodeMage I don’t see they use another way. I believe that Funcom devs fix and tencent desides the prises, I can give no other explanation, like do your thing and let us do ours! We had the arcane bookcase, the arcane cupboard, the apothecary set… and I believe that the list will grow, but in bazzar, not out of it!
I do want multiple storage options as an old dlc if possible, to know what I buy and how many pieces!

I don’t want to be that guy, but cosmetic storage may not be the route we want to go. Specifically talking about things with inventory slots. As a few PVPers have indicated in other threads, they usually can tell that there is a ton of storage being used in a particular base based on how much lag happens when the base comes into view and the objects inside begin to load in.

If every sack, barrel, crate, dresser, cabinet, table, and whatnot can hold inventories. Then we run into an issue with server load and client performance (which hits our console friends the hardest, already many of them have to log out away from bases to avoid crashing). This gets heavily exacerbated when these items are used for decoration.

Say for example you have multiple barrels. When they do not have inventories, then they merely take up the spot of a normal placeable, and when multiples are used, they are pretty instanced. Its not much of a load on client or server. But when they have inventories, this is a database call whenever you get close to them. This happens whether they are empty or not.

I have personally played with mods that add storage inventories to base items such as barrels and dressers. I can tell you all right now that it is quite a performance hit. This is on hardware that is better than average both in my client an a pretty decent server provider.

Those playing on consoles are NOT going to have a good time if this was added as a base game feature. So this is an issue that would affect players in Singleplayer as well. In fact I would argue that non-chest storage (basically anything NOT in the storage feats), and anything that isn’t a crafting station should probably have their storage inventories removed.

I’m not against chests getting a reskin for a bit of variety. But I would caution against adding storage to items that players would be very likely to place all over their bases for decoration. Again I know this sucks, its a feature that I would like to see. Unfortunately we do not have an environment that would work with the majority of our players.

The option to tell players to upgrade their PCs, and their consoles to PS5s and Xbox Series X’s is there. But that isn’t a stance I’m personally willing to take. But even then many of those players have to rely on G-Portal servers which would not handle this well at all. Console players simply don’t have a choice there.


This has an easy solution, one that Funcom has already applied to certain other placeables in the game.

Right now, there are two flavors of planters. Decorative planters are used only as decoration, don’t have any inventory slots, and require only a bit of stone and some seeds to craft. Functional planters have inventories, allow you to grow plants, and are more expensive to craft.

There’s no technical reason Funcom can’t have “Storage Barrel” and “Decorative Barrel”. They can make sure people will use the latter for decoration the same way they did it with planters, by giving them significantly different crafting costs.


Is it a bad idea to remove the “preview” from containers?
I have always thought that that preview is one of the lag causes.

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I see no reason why it would cause lag, since the server would still have to transfer the inventory data to the client together with the container, regardless of whether you can preview that inventory on hover or you have to open the container.


The issue isn’t on Funcom with that suggestion, but the players themselves. You and I would use the decorative one out of concern for those around us. Others aren’t so considerate, or more likely are ignorant, and would simply use the functional one ‘just in case’.

It might have some impact on the client side of things. But like Codemage said, you still need to send the information. This way your game knows what to poof into existence if you blow up said container. That’s better than waiting till its blownup, just in case a single attack blows open a dozen chests at once lol.

Don’t need to literally nuke the server in this case. :rofl:


I’m not convinced at all. I don’t have any hard data, but if you do, feel free to share it. In absence of hard data, I can only judge from personal experience, and mine is that I haven’t met anyone who uses functional planters instead of decorative ones unless they want the specific look of the functional ones.

When it comes to hypothetical functional storage we’re discussing here, that particular problem can be avoided by making functional items look exactly like decorative items, so that players don’t have to pick functional variant just for the looks.

Coupled with a significant difference in crafting costs, this would guide the players to choose correctly. Sure there will be those who don’t, but there always are. Restricting the base game development is not the way to deal with the problem of official servers being unable to handle the load of normal play.


Funcom PLEASE get rid of purely cosmetics stuff!!! EVERY “storage” MUST have inventory and function to lock it. Maybe just 1 cell for 1 stack of anything - but down with useless barrels, tableware etc. :fist:t2:

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A middle ground could be to increase the number of storage-capable items without going overboard. Sacks and urns probably aren’t necessary. But adding a larger version of the standard keg that can sit beside or in place of the current, purely cosmetic keg would be doable. I don’t know about bookcases, but a scroll-case like we see in areas like the Archives shouldn’t be too hard either. Adding in one or two additional storage options can’t be overly taxing, I assume. No need to make anything and everything have an inventory. I think the main key would be that these options should be added to the base game and not locked behind a pay wall.

Of course, FC can always add even more storage items (like the aforementioned sacks, urns, etc.) to the mix and make those paid DLC, but only as long as they add a couple options to the base game. Both ways would limit the additional server load by 1.) only adding two or three additions that everyone has access to and 2.) limiting the number of players who would have access to the wider array of storage items just to those willing to pay for the DLC/Bazaar/Battle Pass.

Theoretically, this approach would be a win-win for FC and players. Players get some free storage options, the server load shouldn’t go up too much, and the free options serve as advertisements/enticement for the paid options.

But I play on PC Game Pass, and the load in times for me are fairly minimal. I get to see my base phase in floor by floor, from the top down for some reason, and that’s about it. No clue how bad it might be for our brothers and sisters on console. No need to add something that would enhance the game for some of us but destroy it for others.

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But which barrel has the loot?
I think that’s kinda funny, but I guess a lot of PvP looking for loot will hate it xD

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You do know that people can see the names of the placeables they look at, right?

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Lol, yes if you get closer…

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For functional vs decorative barrels, perhaps if the decorative ones cost unworked wood and maybe an iron bar or twine, while the functional required insulated wood, it may dissuade people from unnecessarily crafting such items en masse.
No stop gap end game, of course, but it may at least curb the impulse to make everything a container.


Prove me wrong but the sacrificial stone bench is the prologue for what’s coming!
If you ask me, it took some time! The day will come that we ain’t going to be able to place everything everywhere! Order is on the way! All the decoratives sooner or later will find their original purpose, which is order!
Libraries will accept only documents, even the leather journals will be storage items for documents with low capacity! I know that this will make the pvp community whine but it has to come. I know people that play this game literally years and they are not able to organize their benches and materials! They didn’t bother to learn what goes where unless they need to fix something on the bench! The storaging number is huge, the materials are many different and some are for multiple benches! Having alchemy storaging set, kitchen storaging set, smithing storaging set, etc… Will help people in 2 things. First to learn what goes where and second speed. The time will come that we will have the option to “send” our inventory in chests! Maybe on Conan exiles 2, but it will come!


It wouldn’t be the first time a group of players had to adapt to changes that are good for the game. You know, like PVE players have to adapt to nerfs that are supposed to make PVP better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: