Bookcases and the Bazaar (feedback rant)

Hey, let’s sell an apothecary cabinet and not tell customers is is decorative only. No Storage.
Let us never respond officially to the complaint.

Hey, let’s sell a bookcase, with storage, and reduce the storage amount weeks later.
Let us never warn nor compensate the buyer.

Hey, let’s sell an emote, but not tell the customer that they may or may not already own it. Let us not address the issue officially.

…as a ‘customer’ of the bazaar, I’m pissed off. This Funcom bazaar is one of the worst modern stores I’ve ever used. (grumpy)

How to fix?

Better item descriptions. Add tags to items as storage or decorative only. Put in the description EXACTLY what the item holds or what its use is, if any. These are details that are imperative to add for the buyer.

Communicate store issues promptly with customers. I think the lack of communucation is a huge issue that needs addressing.

You have customers that want to give you money. Stop punching them in the stomach everytime they do. The money will stop.


This, 100%! I was just ranting about this on discord. They give us no useful descriptions for what they want us to buy and then when we do spend our money on it, they make it absolutely useless. Rather then just putting a more “generic” cabinet with 200 slots in the base game, to keep the whole battlepass./bazaar is cosmetic only thing, they literally bait and switch us after getting our money. And they are such cowards that they refuse to comment on this.


Are you all new to the game? This should not be a surprise to anyone. Their actions have remained the same


Bait and switch really is a great way to describe it. I Wish I would of thought of that.

I’ve been cranky all day over this dumb thing. I feel cheated.

Fool me once… fool me twice…etc.
I am definitely the fool for purchasing from the bazaar more than once…


No, but you can’t really blame people for wanting to give Funcom a chance to do good. Not everyone is as jaded and pissed off as I am.


I hope the curiosity cabinet will not be nerfed too.

This is currently the only reason I payed for the battlepass two weeks ago.
Its a nice log off storage where you can put your whole inventory at once.

I buyed the 20€ option and have all of these cc. Didn’t buy anything else for now.
How they can change something after selling it? Are there new conditions I have missed? There was no update to any conditions I have to accept.

For me it’s a criminal selling tactic. It’s like buying a car with 5 seats and after two weeks they just remove three seats and say sorry that was a mistake… It was never intended that the car has 5 seats and we just correct it now…have fun with your two seat car…

Again about the conditions I never read anything about that the items I buyed can be changed or removed anytime.


All DLC, Lotus Bazaar, and Battlepass items should have their inventories, attributes, stats, and effects removed. All these items should be cosmetic only.

Its discouraging to see players take a stance of desiring to keep or obtain P2W advantages. But those are opinions and stances that shouldn’t be heard nor considered. People who feel ‘cheated’ are looking for advantages over their fellow players in all of the wrong places.

It should always be that a Player = Player, not Player Spent More > Player Spent Less. Period.

This includes purchasing storage, and can even apply to Siptah.

That’s your own highly biased opinion. That doesn’t make it the only way to remove advantages of the BP and BLB items.


It is also discouraging when people continue to defend Funcom’s bad decisions and practices. There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Yet, for some reason, whenever people speak up about how Funcom did it the worst possible way, they’re supposed to shut up and accept it, and not be heard or considered.


DESCRIPTION absolutely needs to be reworked.
It always show lengthy useless lore instead of real function or stats a item gives.
Post-3.0, DESCRIPTION is even misleading for most legendary weapons.


The store is new to the game!! XD


To be honest I was like…
If its too good to be true it probably is…

When I learned the cabinet can hold 160/200? slots I knew they would eventually change it.

They did answer here @arcanescroll


There are two kinds of software developing companies. The ones who cares about players and try to listen to them and make their gaming experience a true adventure (for example Subnautica) and then this, what we have with FunCom … cash grabbing company hiding behind the firewall.

Where are all those “streams” with developers promising us how everything will be amazing, with sorcery, new content … blah blah blah … Where is that guy from stream , who talked about sorcery like they invented it?

Why there is no more live streams? We all know why right?

This post will be hidden, we all know that, but what we also know is that it’s 100% true. I bought battlepass and nothing else and believe me I’m not spending a single penny in near future for this garbage software.


The descriptions of items in bazaar and battlepass are not ONLY useless, they are also misleading.
For example you’d imagine that the undead horse is, you know, undead. Its not, its just a skin and the horse will keep on munching vines instead of putrid flesh… etc


It it supposed to be a skin
How annoying would that be… 25 rotten flesh in a slot compared to 1000 vines lol

Not my point. My point is that the description is misleading.

Uhm… I don’t exactly know what’s misleading about the horse skin description but it could’ve been written in a better way.

Anyway, its about the bookcase, sorry for the off topic reply.

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This more than anything. Not just store issues, but better communication with ALL issues.




Don’t forget insulted and get told they’re just piss-poor peasants envious of their financial betters (lol).


We’ll see. I won’t call it a warning, but personally I won’t be relying on non-vanilla items for stats. Call it a hunch.