Bookcases? Really?

So I decked out my base with arcane bookcases as I wasn’t aware the 200 limit was a “bug” that needed fixing. FYI the “arcane curio cabinet” has the same limit, is that a bug too?

I find it a bit frustrating that was one of the focuses of the latest patch, something that was more a feature than a big really… yet we still have invisible foliage/plants, uncraftable legendary armor repair kits, gear disappearing on thralls, bodies falling through the ground and zombies with armor slots? Why the heck not focus on actual bugs?


Exactly. The game STILL freezes on PS4 and we get bookcase patches. Ridiculous.


they patched book cases?
what happens to the full slot inventory we had stored in there?

@Dana , @HighSaint

anyone that can answer this?

Even online youtubers said this was probably a bug and would be patched.

That alone was enough for me to not stack it.

the BAD part was that FC did not announced its patcing… did not even announced it is a bug!!!


@Ragnaguard That requires communication

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I get it its annoying things are not as polished as it should be.

I haven’t run in much major bugs myself. Mind this… a lot has changed and not everything gets reported in time before the release. Maybe the quality control could be improved and I hope the new monetization system will generate the income they need to adres these kind of issues.

The biggest issue I have is with the server performance on peak player times, its horrible and nearly unplayable, the numbers of players go down again like it always does but I feel like if the servers are way better Conan Exiles could hold a bigger player base.

We love the game, but we also hate things that are wrong with it sometimes.

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Part that blows my mind about it isn’t the fact that this was fixed by them. Changing a value of an item is a relatively quick change so they can throw it on a patch rather fast.

The issue is players PAID for it. This wasn’t a free item, they took money for an item that honestly was game changing and now have removed that items reason for being desired.


The weird thing is, players paid for the item without knowing how many inventory slots they’d be getting. Or at least Funcom didn’t provide the information. Buying something based on third-party information is always a risk.

What Funcom has repeatedly said is that they would not sell power. If a buyable item is obviously better or stronger than a vanilla version, chances are that it was not intentional.

Me, not buying anything from the Bazaar unless I know exactly what I’m paying for.


i seen it as a nice opportunitty to remove chests and use book cases (there would be 4 times less placeables- as each bookcase holds 4 chests…) but FC said nope… or to be more exact said nothing!!!

where is the respect we deserve i wonder?

how many slots do the new bookcases have , can anyone let us know? @Community can anyone shed some light plz?

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Arcane Bookcase 40.
Arcane Curio Cabinet is still 200.

No idea what happened to previous stored items yet.


anyone that tried that and can share?

@Ragnaguard one more reason why i’m not buying the battle pass . I hope you have lost nothing.

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Ah…previous stored items on Arcane Bookcase still there. Need to open the container twice tho.

@dana, @HighSaint , can we have more info here? is there a reason why u nerfed a bought item?
is that the way u build trust?

come on guys!!! who the heck allows these decisions to go live?

(what really baffles me is that with all these stuff we see - now we got ninja nerf to an already purchsed item- how the heck u hope to build trust to ur customers? how the heck u will convince us to buy?)


so patch was to reduce the slots?

or just to make open close auto?

the arcane book case u said got 40 slots…
is that for the new ones only?
the old ones maintain the 200 slots?

Applied to old ones. Once you took out the previous stored items to 40, the maximum slots then changed to 40. Also can’t replace items on those excess 200/40. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Greetings Exiles,

Thank you all for your feedback, it has been sent to our team. In the meantime, we would like to clarify some of your questions:

  • Why did we remove slots?
    It was indeed an overlook and as we stated several times: items in the Bazaar or Battle Pass should be strictly cosmetic. It had to be fixed in order to stand by our proposal and not harm those who chose not to purchase it.

  • What will happen with the extra items after the patch?
    The items will remain in those slots until they are removed by you. Once you remove the extra items the slots will go away until it reaches the intended number of 40 slots.

If you still have concerns regarding your account or wish to pursue this matter further we advise you to submit a ticket to our Help center under “in-game purchase”.

We appreciate your support on this matter.


If this was an overlook and the items in the Battle Pass/Bazaar are cosmetic only, does that mean the Arcane Curios were an overlook also and will eventually have their slots reduced?