Placeable Sacks please

Would love to have some placeable sacks added to the game. Preferrably as storage containers, but even if it was just as decor like the barrels and jars.


I second this! As storage would be so nice, more variety and very fitting.


What platform are you playing on? Because there are SCADS of mods that do precisely that.

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Fixed that for you.


I’m on PC, and I know mods like Savage Steel add that. But I’d prefer not to have more mods than necessary. Especially the ones that add storage, because they seem to be much larger.


I strongly support this suggestion Wolfkyn, and I would love to have some more storage options in general, and there here been a number of high voted suggestions pertaining to this. Some of the often requested ones include:

  • a Chest of Drawers
  • a Bookcase
  • some Barrels (which we can actually store things in, not to be confused with regular placeable ones)

I genuinely feel that we can never have too many storage options, and right now they are limited to chests and a cupboard. That is all. I know that Conan Exiles is not Skyrim, but allow me to use it as an example for a moment. In Skyrim we can store goods in chests, barrels, cupboards, chests of drawers, nightstands, cabinets, even sacks and satchels, and there are several variations of each.

Here are a few of the aformentioned threads for any interested readers.


This is a constant source of low-grade frustration for me. Yes, I’m on PC, but I play mostly on official servers. The options are extremely limited: only two kinds of chests (a wooden box and a nice metal chest), a cupboard that looked fine before all the DLCs came out and now looks out of place, three sizes of crates, and a vault that looks awesome but takes up way too much space to be practical in PVE.

Okay, so there are preservation boxes, too, but I would feel silly storing, say, scrolls in a fridge :stuck_out_tongue:

No barrels, no sacks, no furniture that has inventory (apart from that cupboard), and no bookshelves. They added a bookshelf in a Twitch drop and I was so happy until I placed one and saw it didn’t work as a container :frowning:


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