Sacks in game please

Would love to see these in game as a placeable for us. Forgive me if my ignorance is showing, but these are assets in the existing game, correct? They’re in the Silver Mine dungeon. If they exist in game, it can’t be too much to make them a craftable placeable item, right? They don’t even need to be storage, just a deco item like the barrels.


I know that I gladly pay a dlc with some more storage decorations, or plates with food like they look on the recipe bar, some extra closets(cupboards). For me from pve to pvp kitchen is very important to exist as a functional place. But on pve I need to decorate tables full of food. A mans first goal is a table with filled plates. The first goal to survive is food water and shelter , the domination (king) requires a long table filled with goodies and alcohol.


I would certainly like to see more storage variety and things like plates of food come in a dlc. One of the mods I find most important is one that gives sacks, and barrels, and woodpiles, and jugs and jars etc, all as actual storage - so things can go where they look right: oil in small barrels, jars of ichor or venom-glands, crates of rocks and ores, sacks of seeds etc etc. I think any sort of dlc with more of that sort of stuff would be great (and get my money), and would allow other platforms and official servers access to some more of this stuff.


I use Savage Steel that gives all those. Love that mod.


Did you know you can pick up some of those bags?:wink: there’s coal bags and stuff all around


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