Decorative food (another request for it)

Exiles has decoration capability that surpasses a lot of other survival games, but it really starts to lack in the feasting area. I can fill My kitchen up with cleavers, boxes, barrels, and knives until I’m satisfied, but looking at a forever-empty plate and/or mug on the tables in my taverns or halls really gets to me. Having preserved food as a decoration, something like what you’ve done with the decorative planter boxes, would be greatly appreciated by all the builders and roleplayers in your community.

It doesn’t sound like much from a player’s perspective, and I’m aware from a game-creator’s perspective that means you’d have to make seperate assets for each individual item, but having that little extra bit of colour or detail can really add a whole lot to even the tiniest of areas.

Thank you in advance for reading and considering my comment.


Decorative food is also something I wish they would implement.
I would like it as a recipe you can learn where you take a crafted food item and put it into an artisan bench or fire bowl cauldron and then transform it into a non-edible placeable item … say food + resin = placeable food item.

Funcom has the art work for each food item created already as we see that when we have the food in recipe lists and inventory.
If they could put that artwork onto the backbone of a placeable item like plate/cup once we transform the food then we’d have placeable food.

Yes exactly … for that recipe I’d suggest the crafted potion and glass or empty glass flask in the fire bowl cauldron … (especially as some potions have a short decay timer.)

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