Food Table (Food version of a well) "Feast of Kings"


  • Requirements - Lvl 55
  • Resources - (Assortment of high quality cooked meals from a Stove) + Table (Several choices)


Feast of Kings (Round, Rectangle, Long, Crude)

  • Table heavily laden with food that acts similar to a well. Can be interacted with to consume a meal and fill one’s Water/Food meter. Usable by friend or foe.

  • Regenerates slowly over time, has limited amount of food. Permanent unmovable item.

  • Provides short term HoT that is canceled upon taking damage from any source.

  • Water cannot be drawn from table for orbs or Bota bags.


Item does not provide buffs normally associated with food.

No items are created or placed in your inventory.

Expensive to craft.

Very heavy.

I would like to see food in general being able to be put on tables, plates, with its normal decay time.

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I also would like to see food being able to placed on table …edible or not. I think there is a mod that adds it, however not available to console users or PC official server players.
For example recipes to transform a food item into a display item, recipe could be something like: food + resin in artisan station = display food that can be placed in the world.
I made the suggestion in the Halloween event feedback as a suggestion for holiday event recipes or DLC that those who own Exiles at the time of the event can claim in steam.

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Agreed on this, this sort of feature has been requested several times: I’d honestly be happy if they just had fake food you could place on tables strictly for decoration, or if you could take food out of your inventory the way it looks in the pictures and put it down.

Anything to make it look like you and your clan and thralls have food waiting for them in various rooms after a day of butchering, base defending, looting… mining… etc

Things like the large table are great, they have a lot of room on them to put all sorts of things so i set up a couple in my temple to Derketo… only to have nothing to put on them but empty plates and bowls, it’s almost like they had /planned/ to have decorative food available but then didn’t actually add them.

What they /could/ do is make food trays and plates that are similar to weapon racks so when you stick food items in their inventory the food shows up

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