Suggestion: Decorative Foods

For the longest time I’ve been looking at my furniture, feeling like something’s missing - especially on the table. A set table with plates and bows and flagons will never be complete without… at least a bowl of soup, some crispy dried shrimp or bowl of berries for a snack on the end table, a loaf of honeyed bread, smoked fish, a seasoned steak or a feast to entertain your clan.

Exile flatbread recipe:
Ground seeds
Purified Water
…cooked in the stove.

For leavened bread, add ground mushroom.


I think all food should be place able on a table and the wines for rp purposes. I don’t rp, but I could see the value in placeable stove items and fermented items that are not only useable but placeable as well.


I like the suggestion. Adds more life to a room if it feels used and active.

What if you had to use alchemical components to preserve the food? Just add X to your food in a firebowl or stove and BAM instant decoration.