We need food textures, or decorative food

It’s sad that when decorating my dinner table, I can only place bowls and plates, and their physics aren’t well done as well (If you place a candle in a bowl, it will float on the bowl instead of actually on the bowl)

We need to be able to place food and drink on plates, maybe just like what you did with decorative planting (1 food + a bowl or sth = decorative item), or make plates, bowls and flagons 1 slot storage and will display the food/drink, as well as having the “last item never expire” trait like berries when they are in the bowl/plate/flagon

It would be great if we can do this to serve our friends nice food, for the moment bowls/plates are just empty husks that even prevent you from dropping item(food) nicely on the table


I love build, decorate my different bases to, but there are lot of very nice mods for that around.
And not all people will love it the same way, so i think mods are a good way if you like doing this way.

Take a look !

I’d prefer funcom integrate the mods into base game tho, since I play in official :frowning:

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I think that the beehive should produce wax as well as honey, so that way we can make wax foods for decoration. But I like your idea, Lyserus, as well.

I know there are a lot of lovely mods, but not if you play official.

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