Topics that we need to discuss

Why can’t we place food I find it annoying that I am able to have plates bowls and cups ETC but can place them anywhere to make it look like a fine dining area, they should also add animations so that we can eat at the dinner table, it’s useless to have this in the game if we can’t do anything with it and no I’m not saying to remove it. also beds should be able to alter time when slept in like in Minecraft why is it just used for spawn points, why have a sleep or relax emote if I can’t use it I know this might be minor but can we interact with the beds by pressing square or X or the key on Pc to lay in bed with sheets over us would be a really nice touch

They should also update the pets inventory whenever you place your foods, bark, fiber, (anything consumable)so they won’t vanish

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And hairstyle thralls please

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Yes they should come up with a small dlc on cosmetic, hairstyles for thraws and our playable character, smiliar like they added the pets dlc skin, we should get something like it to apply them.

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