Suggestion: Thrall musicians and placeable food!

The title says it, i suggest to implement thrall musicians (drums, lute, flute etc.) and make the food placeable on plates or just as it is.
You guys made some tasty looking stuff and it is a shame that we can’t place it on the table ;D
The whole concept would make taverns or similiar buildings more lively and immersive.

I know you guys are on content lock right now and working hard on the release, but this would be an awesome feature for future updates.
Please Funcom, let us feast like true conquerers of the Exiled Lands :stuck_out_tongue:


I support that, placeable food on tables would be awesome.


And you forgot to suport the most interesting thing… placeable musicians… :smiley: as well as wednors even if they don’t wendoring… and a like… :smiley:

I did made a thread about placeable thralls with the ability to set their emotes or how do you call them like waveing or sleeping…

And I DID forgot to mention that they should be set up to occupy seats,thrones, benches as well.

So yes what OP said and even more please… :smiley:


For placable food, at least, you could check out the Emberlight mod :wink:

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With the pippi mod you can place musicians, but that’s a mod tho, would be nice to have it as part of the core game.


I agree. Entertainer thralls playing conan music on flutes would be epic


I love this idea! I have already suggested thralls that can play instrument, but placeable food is an awesome idea! My tables have only empty plates :frowning:


Musician thralls would be great.

I think musicians were already planned cause there icons for thralls on Devkit.



You made my day! Oh please oh please Funcom, we want musicians! My bases need more life and noise. :grin:


Like so much else, it was something said to be coming in EA that never came.

I asked about this idea on a DevStream and they replied that: they are working on writing the music.

Here’s to hoping the feeding nerf isn’t so bad that we could actually keep a few of these guys around.