Make Feasts for the Gods Lootable Decorations

I’m not entirely certain if this is planned for the future but if not I feel it should be. I just got done decorating my Temple of Derketo and set up a long table to either side… trouble is there isn’t any food to put on them so they are just sort of sitting there looking barren…

I love building things, but I detest empty unused space, it seems like a waste to have tables and mugs and the like but no food or drinks to set out on them. I like making important buildings that I’ve worked on have a sense of wealth and what says wealth better than having a feasting table with actual feasts piled on it?

Could have meat and mead and the like for Ymir, fruit and wine etc for Derketo, things along those lines. Maybe I’m a bit obsessed with aesthetics but I thought I’d throw that out there.