Venerate the Gods!

Just showing the two temples that I’ve built so far, I have actually made a better one for Derketo in the past but my pictures of it were sadly deleted, it had a few dancers wearing her gear near the base of the altar.

As for Ymir, you can’t tell as much as I would like in this picture but I made the lighting very deliberately dim and kept the torches themselves hidden to make it so that you can’t see the ceiling at night and the statues are /just/ visible enough to be noticeably staring out from between the pillars, I kind of had Ares and other such gods in mind and wanted to get the look of the temple and altar to match

I’m curious to see other peoples temples, how do you venerate your gods?

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I am on PVP official, so i plop that sucka down and flip to a coin asap:)

But seriously, these are cool.

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You would try… lol…