Derketo temple challenge

Honestly if you haven’t seen Kissra’s entry for this competition you need to. Now. Mind is blown entirely.

This is the best thing related to Conan I have ever seen. Everything I have ever built is like a paddle pop stick hut in comparison.
Give her a sub she is only at 3k and deserves so much more than that.


It’s big but feels like… meh, also i don’t like the light / contrast, I doubt it’s basic game colors - there’s something not right.


Anything more informative than “meh”? What does that even mean lol :joy:

I think it’s big yet not impressing and chaotic, could have better shape, but that’s just my opinion. :slight_smile:

Clearly beautiful effort , unfortunately consoles will never keep up with this builds ,either make hd video since our resolution is awful :pensive: .

Reminds me of NPC buildings… non-liveable, but great looking. XD

Fun of PC I guess is all Mods.

Still waiting on Ps4 patch so game stop crashing non stop when i build to much. So Likely wont have entry myself this time around. -_-’


@Sera67, Totally true, totally. Playstation, especially 4, cannot handle great construction, plus every time you log in you find some pieces broken and you have to build them again, if however you start placing decorative details, your console becomes an F 16 ready to fly :joy::joy::joy:

Pretty neat for PC… As console we sadly don’t get all that stuff many sad faces. But I do love it!
The Architect in it is beautiful and I love the water touch.

I did Crom. It’s posted in another feed already.

My entry.


I ended up deleteing 20-30 candles.

Then built this weird building behind statue… (temple) cause it started look “low effort”

But then I blocked Mountianss which poked up over top. Then I had give up idea of foward area, cause

Invalid building location plague me ever where I went…
So sexy time swiming pool idea kept getting ruined. XD

I was sorta happy with mine… I need grab some more screen caps with out silly building in back ground.


You need maintain your console with regular thermal paste changes, and deep cleaning.

Back on topic Kisrra is definitely one of the best builders on Conan. If you like that check out Hogwarts Castle


I know m8, I know.

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Exactly this, I do not intend to pay something double prize because of some people use this situation just to make hard bucks from my neck. The international prize for the digital version is 400€, I won’t pay a sent more for the console. I will for extra controllers and other gadgets, but not for the console.

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As Tim Gunn on Project Runway would say, “That’s a lot of look.” There’s so much going on, I don’t know where to focus.

Got External SSD for my ps4, (WD Black) Going from 1-2min load screen to 10-20seconds.

Man oh Man… CE ran so much better in alot of spots. (texture pop in is still there…)
Fallout 76, Showing up to event, and being done with it before other can load in is so fun.

Jet Engine stop happen as often. XD

Best 125-150$ I spent.

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