New steel chest, please

This topic was already discussed a year ago but I would like to discuss it again.
You can add a new steel chest with more slots and something bigger but not as huge as the vault, about 120 slots, the size of a foundation and if you can have an access code, better, but if nothing happens.
Another suggestion would be that if you cannot create that new chest, you can at least put the chests self-positioning as in the construction pieces, to be able to stack them well next to each other or on top of them.


I would love that, and some more storage options in general. Some other often requested ones include a chest of drawers, a bookcase and barrels we can actually store things in.


Stackable, snappable, mini vaults, yes please! That would be awesome, especially if combined with a better way to filter through what’s in the chests. The only thing would be the heath should be balanced to be no more than a regular foundation. Otherwise people would be building their bases out of these mini vaults.

I also like your additional storage suggestions @Croms_Faithful can’t have too much storage and right now our options are a little limited.


Zeropoint you are 100% on the money in that we can never have too many storage options, and right now they are limited to a chest and a cupboard, that is all. Some of the aforementioned storage additions really should have already been added by now, while there could have also been DLC variarions of each. I mean how hard is it to reskin a Chest and a Cupboard…!? Just think of some of the nice options we could be enjoying now, such as a sleek Turanian cupboard or a stylish Aquilonian chest.

Permit me to use Skyrim as a comparator here. We can store goods in chests, barrels, cupboards, sacks, chests of drawers, nightstands, satchels, cabinets, the list goes on. I was hoping to see some new options added with the Architects of Argos DLC, but it seems to be more of the same. ie-weapon, armor and building reskins and a tiny handful of placeables. I just dont understand the refusal to do this. If we can reskin a rug, a war axe, a saddle and an armor piece, why not a Chest and a Cupboard as well?

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You make a very good point. It almost seems like a natural thing to include a re-skinned storage chest with the DLCs. Even if they aren’t going to add a new smaller storage safe as the OP suggested and so many before him (including myself). I really would like to see Funcom branch out with the DLCs a bit more too. Architects of Argos looks very nice, I will almost definitely get it, but it would be nice to see more of those often requested features make an appearance. I suppose if they add those things (like armor mannequins) I would prefer they add them to the base game and not lock them behind a pay wall. But now I’m getting off topic.

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I’d love some themed storage items. I can build a beautiful Aquilonian house, but I’m stuck with the ghetto boxes and cupboards bringing down the real estate value. While they’re at it, add skins for all the crafting tables to match the different build pieces. If you want a fully furnished house currently you have to cobble different items from different builds.

I also want a large open bin I can just dump items into. I don’t even care if it locks. A big wooden dumpster I can just ‘Give All’ when I don’t feel like running around between 25 chests organizing.

Then add a thrall that just organizes stuff. His whole job is to separate items into their respective chests. Add options for the chests for item types allowed. Set stockpile quotas for stone, brick, iron, steel, etc, so he knows when to take your stuff to the forge and when to put it in a box.

As you can see my solution is getting simpler and simpler.


Correct answer! :white_check_mark: And on the record, I would love a smaller sized Vault.

I would prefer that too, and I wholeheartedly agree that it does look nice. But I guess Im just at the point now where I am so desperate for them that I would be willing to pay, just so that I can get on with using them.


Exactly. We can have home which would be the envy of some of the wealthiest men in Hyboria, but we have no choice but to store our valuables it cupboards which look like they were built by a woodsman out of scraps. Its like buying a multi-million dollar estate then furnishing it with second hand cupboards and trunks which was donated to goodwill.

Thats the thing, its not the grandiose things which are being overlooked, but rather the simple pleasures.

I would love to have something like this. I posted an idea in another thread a while ago (can’t remember which one now) that suggested a similar system. But the quality of life improvement for not having to go to 25+ organized chests after a dungeon run would be massive, for me at least. I spend more time organizing things in the game then I do in real life (:thinking: not sure what this says about me as a person, but oh well). It makes a lot of sense too. They could make it like a workbench now, but it could look like a bunch of storage boxes. You could place a thrallthere and it would have a lot of slots like 100 or 150. Any boxes within a given range could receive items. The boxes would have to be labeled by you (maybe through a drop down list or whatever works best) to receive certain items and then thralls overtime would put the item in the chests. It would have a crafting/moving time, which would decrease with higher tier thralls. This would free up so much more time to play the game rather than organize. Also probably reduce clan tension when you have those guys/gals that don’t like to organize and just dump their inventory for someone else to take care of lol.

Yeah… and a frickin smaller gate. Anyone else having a deja-vu?

have a nice weekend folks…

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