Improved Chests

Have Tier 3 chests too with steel reinforcement and insulated wood.


I would be ALL OVER some bigger chests, somewhere in between Large Chest and the Vault in terms of footprint and storage slots.


That would be great. Like Mikey I have been wanting, and actively asking for something in between Large Chest and Vault size since my first suggestions list. I say either an XL Chest or a smaller vault resembling an upright safe. Maybe say around the size of a foundation piece or thereabouts.


Maybe this will help you

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Having a bigger, singular chest would be better.

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Perhaps, but in this particular case, I have different types of steel in different chests and this is convenient.

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Most definitely! The size/inventory difference between the large chest and vault is too great. Having to put 100 chests down just to have a fully stocked and sorted crafting room only adds to the lag!

“hmmm, where do I put all this leather…:thinking:

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I just wish they would give us a larger shelf that would hold a chest. I would love to be able to place a chest on the floor, and then another one on a shelf above it. Stacking chests just looks too horrible for me to do it.

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And here I was thinking this was a suggestion about boobs.

reads the first post carefully… … … … … … … … …

I lost my train of thought.

The current list of containers, I -think-, is as this:

Wooden Box - 20
Small Crate - 20

Large Chest - 45
Cupboard - 45
Large Crate - 50

Vault - 300

First, a couple of these could be adjust to act as intermediary storage.

Small Crate should get bumped to 30 slots to differentiate it from Wooden Box. Which is a lot cheaper to make, already looks a lot like a wooden crate. So why waste resources on the Small Crate? Only someone who really cared about aesthetics in their base, maybe. Needs to be altered.

Large Chest should get a bump to 50 points. The chest is your place for valuable stuff, so it needs more space, but not a huge amount more.

Large Crate should get a bump to 75, because it’s for bulk storage and should therefore have more slots.

As far as a new item, the Extra-Large Crate could have 150 slots. That’s double the Large Crate, and half the Vault. So a nice in-between without having to add much.

Cupboard should bump to 50, since it’d be largely used for cooking ingredients, I would think.

So the new setup would be.

Wooden Box - 20
Small Crate - 30
Large Chest - 50
Cupboard - 50
Large Crate - 75
Extra-Large Crate - 150
Vault - 300

If Large Crate remained at 50 points of storage, you’d then need to ideally add two new storage placeables. One with 100 slots and one with 200 slots.

In which case:

Safe - 100 slots (an advanced Large Chest)
Small Vault - 200 slots (a lesser Vault)
Large Vault - 300 slots


Nice idea

You had a good idea too.

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That looks pretty good actually.

Etsy has lots of nice things. Funcom should look on there for sexy fantasy armors to add.

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