More types of containers!

Love the chests, and various crates for storage and diversity of appearance.

I’d love to see the large and small barrels (that already exist as placeables) be able to hold items. Same with some of the larger Jugs and Jars. Maybe even just a single slot for a single type of item: say barrels filled with salt, or seeds, ale, or fish, or something. Large earthenware jugs filled with oil, or resin, or honey. This would make stocking the kitchens and larders a lot more fun.

Also, different skins for large chests, or different tiers of strength for chests. This would make storage rooms look less homogenous.


Love the idea

i’d love to see “specialized storages”… make the barrels into 3 sizes and give them the same stats as the crates in the vault tech. the difference would be that placing oils, blood, ect would stack higher then the default storages. (100 to 1000 as a example)


I would like this! It would be nice to have a wider variety of storage options. I’d prefer it over my standard use of the conspicuously bad looking spices/oil/salt/honey box on the kitchen counter.

If I may expand on this slightly, this is what I said in a seperate thread only recently:

I have been wanting, and actively asking for something in between Large Chest and Vault size since my first suggestions list. I say either an XL Chest or a smaller vault resembling an upright safe. Maybe say around the size of a foundation piece or thereabouts.

That is another one I would like to see added. The disparity between a Large Chest and a Vault is massive; so is the size difference! It is like jumping from a size L to a 5XL. I wish we could have something which meets the two half way, such as that above. Here is the other thread:

Increasing the capacity for the Cupboard to 150 or 175 could do that. And there’ll give a reason tu craf a cupboard. For now the large chest is better, smaller with the same storage capacity.

I turn the cupboards sideways with a ceiling piece above and get eight in one foundation spot. I can’t do that with chests.

I would like a better looking cupboard. Maybe something with a hutch for a living area look.

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