More storage options

Can we get a storage option for the barrels, vases and other containers? For example, if you put oil in a barrel, then only oil can be stored in it until all the oil has been used. I know these ite.s are intended for decor purposes but just having a few storage spots would be awesome. Especially for RP purposes.


I like the idea but I’d like those objects still being possible to pick up

That’s the problem though, you loose the right to pick it up when it goes from a placeable to a container. The Barrel becomes like the wooden crates. But I’m okay with that as it’s not that costly to make more and having more decorations have a function is better.

Vases for storage is great and how about some other lockable containers like Heavy chest or trunks. Or how about a “nailed shut” version of the wooden crates for locked crates. A hanging cupboard would also be nice either on the wall like a wall brazier or under a ceiling tile also like a hanging brazier :thinking:

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I’d like to see a chest of drawers, with each drawer having a separate inventory, but each still being 45 slots like the chest and cabinet.

Obviously it’d have to be more expensive to make, and probably a bit larger, but still.

An alternate option would be something like stackable drawers, basically the same as a chest, but able to be stacked on top of each other.


:+1: Would be better than trying to stack large chests on top of one another!

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