Usable Barrels and Earthenware

Apologies for the influx of new threads, I should’ve created one and listed all items.

Now, why is it we cannot use the barrels and earthenware for storage? Please Funcom, these craftables have way better uses than just decorative pieces. Barrels should be able to store liquids, kegs should store alcohol, earthenware should store seeds and powders etc.

Let us use these as storage, please.



I’d love to see some of the “clutter” like this actually be made useful. It makes me cringe storing tar, ichor, blood, etc. in crates and chests.

The way I’d like to see barrels, jugs, etc. function is that each one can store only a single liquid at a time, but when you interact with it, it will present the Give All button, and allow you to place all of the matching liquid from your inventory into the container.

For example, I place a brand new barrel and transfer a stack of ichor into it. When I interact with it again, I click the Give All button, and all the ichor in my inventory is transferred into the barrel (up to its capacity). This would be a major relief to those of us whose ligaments suffer from RSI.


^yes that


I actually think it’s better to create multiple threads if you have multiple ideas. It’s easier to get into more detailed discussions in threads with specific topics than it is in “my wishlist of new features” type threads. If you want wearable socks, thralls that play drums and customizeable clan banners, they’re so unrelated that it makes discussing them easier if they’re in separate threads.

As to the actual topic in this thread: It does feel weird that barrels are just for decoration. Beer, pickled fish, fruits, laughs, etc. would make sense in barrels. Of course, the game engine doesn’t seem to care much about what type of item you store in containers, so the easiest way to make it happen would be to simply allow barrels to be used like boxes and chests.

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Indeed. Bug reports and ideas both benefit from focused discussion, not lists.

Aye, I do want that. But for some reason suggesting it is not allowed on this forum :smiley:

Yeah I agree. Then we could filter as per our personal sense of realism ourselves.

Yeah, doing a copy/paste on the crate functionality would certainly be the most expedient way of making such objects useful, but it really would nice to get some upgraded functionality that lessens ye olde hand fatigue…

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