Storage Inconsistencies

We have plenty of options for storage, from the starting small crate till vaults but there’s a very big flaw… large crates are still the best storage per size.

Let’s take a look at each chest and how much they can fit:

1 - Wooden Box (15 Slots)
2 - Large Chest (45 Slots)
3 - Cupboard (45 Slots)
4 - Small Crates (20 Slots)
5 - Large Crate (50 Slots)
6 - Vault (300 Slots)

Now that the total amount of slots is displayed, we can speak about size.

The wooden box, large chest and the small crates take a relative small size and can be stacked on top of each other or using shelves. The cupboard and Large crate despite their sizes, they can only hold 45/50 slots! If you stack 2 large chests, you get more storage and still have more room to place more items around. Even the vault with it’s 300 slots, is still inferior to the large crate since you can stack way more chests in the same space a vault would take.

Sure the vault is more about being a more protective storage so we can let that slide, but the rest? It’s absurd the large crate and cupboard store so little amounts. So why have these storage items have been given such limitations?

Can something be done to buff the Large Crate and Cupboard? I would like to have some variety in my bases instead of having a ton of large chests because they’re more efficient and take less space.

shush!!! thay will read this and just nerf the Large Chest! lol

The large chests should be nerfed to 35 slots IMO!

Even if they were 20 slots, they would still be better than the large crate or cupboard.

Those two need the buff imo. When you have the ability to stack or place chests on shelves, benches, etc large chests are unbeatable.