Curio storage limits!

Please up the slots on Curios. They take up 5x the space of large chests and have the same damage points. Large chest have 45 slots. There is no reason to move it from 200 slots to 40 slots. I would understand if it was moved down to 100 slots because of the cost of materials to make it and the size. But less than large chests along with being a storage container that is way bigger……. Come on FUNCOM. What were you thinking?!?!


I could almost say the same thing for vaults. A vault has what, 200 slots? It takes up the space of literally 6~800 chests. A vault should have nearly 10,000 slots :joy:

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Yeah, after the bazaar item was “fixed”, I wouldn’t hold my breath for the BP item. The bigger storage was compensated by the low hp and the size of it but this was not enough. At least I didn’t spend money on it while others got burnt.

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