Season 3 reduced the storage capacity

I stored a lot of items in the arcanic cabinet during the last season, as their storage capacity was better than what could provide the large chest, and the cabinet format was also making it easier to place in a room than a vault.
However, while removing some items from the cabinet, I realized that I could not store them back in again. It’s a fact, the capacity of storage of the arcanic cabinet has been reduced by a lot.
Was it intended by Funcom, or just a bug?
I cannot remember reading about it in the recent update announcements.
Thank you for any answer you’d have about that topic.

Too many players argued that the previous storage size of the cabinet was too big so yes they did lower it in the last update. I believe it went from something like 200 - 40 squares.

The PVPers said it was P2W so they reduced it.

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Funny thought it had been reported as a bug; I mean the 200 slots.

Yeah, it was. They said it was never intentional, so it was suppose to get patched regardless. The bookshelf was the first to go, but I think the cabinet got overlooked for a bit. They possibly thought they fixed both at the time until realizing they didn’t. From there, it was just a matter of time.

Alright. Thank you very much for all your answers :slight_smile:

It was.

It was given 40 rows when they meant 40 slots. 40 x 5 = 200

Not hard to see the issue there. Its also pretty dumb to give better storage options on a FOMO product.

It was unintentional, so they fixed it. It had nothing to do with players arguing that the previous storage size of the cabinet was too big or PVPers saying it was P2W.

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