Paid items being nerfed

ARCANE CURIO CABINET is a PAID ITEM, I PAID for it on season pass.
It’s DISHONEST to change a paid item unles you RETURN OUR MONEY!!!

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What was the change exactly?

It was created with 200 slots, now it has the same space of smaller chests. It’s not fair, since we paid for that specific item and it takes a huge space in the base.


Bazaar is buyer beware. One of the reasons I wont shop there.


That was a bug. You were warned it was all going to be cosmetic only and so it shouldn’t come as a surprise it was corrected. Besides was it marketed to have 200 slots?


You are a bit late to the party. We discussed this several months ago. Yes, it is not right but Funcom doesn’t care. Save your breath.


To be entirely fair, if it was cosmetic only, shouldn’t it have at least as many slots as a cupboard?
The vanilla game item with the closest footprint.

That said, Paid items are hypothetically for decoration only. There are several counter examples, and there is no end of tooth gnashing over those.

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The Arcane Curio Cabinet was from the battlepass, not the Bazaar. However, an extremely similar item with the exact same bug existed in the Bazaar and was corrected for the exact same reason.

So the Arcane Curio Cabinet is from the BattlePass, and as the battlepass itself is paid for that does not mean you paid for the Cabinet itself as an individual piece. So how exactly do you expect Funcom to “return your money” for something that you did not specifically purchase?

Now perhaps you are actually referring to the Arcane Bookcase, which was an item on the BLB and was a single item purchase. It was basically the exact same thing as the Arcane Curio Cabinet and had the exact same bug and was fixed in the exact same manner. Both items were always meant to have 40 total slots, but the person who entered the data put a number in the wrong column and that caused them to have 200. This was never intentional and when you looked at the page of the BLB when you purchased the item it most certainly NEVER ONCE ADVERTISED the item as having 200 item slots. Thus, they did not sell you the item based on it having the extended inventory that it should not have actually had and you would not have known that it had such a massively inflated inventory based on their advertisement of the item. Thus, what about their transaction was dishonest? They should have found the bug before the released the item, on that we can all agree, but to say it is dishonest would be to claim that they advertise it as containing 200 inventory slots and THEN reduced it to 40. THAT would be dishonest. That however is not the case.

Arcane Curio Cabinet
Arcane Bookcase

While agreeing with the majority of your post, this one disagrees here.

They have as many slots as they want them to have. The excess capacity was left high while the item was available to be acquired and the fixing was only a priority after all purchases were in.
Very sagacious and useful bug to drive purchases.

Until they actually list the stats/properties of premium content in the pass/bazaar UI, this one finds any implication, especially from the seller side, that something is better than intended and needs “fixing” as suspect.


Considering they have said from day one that items would be “cosmetic” and not “power” then the item being 40 slots (in line with other chests) and not 200 slots (in line with things more akin to vaults and yet vastly cheaper and smaller) one would have to assume that yes, they were intended to have 40 slots.

Was the timing poor, certainly. I will not disagree with you on that. Should they have noticed it before they put it out into the wild? 100%. It could not have taken more that a minute to spawn it in and notice the inventory slots were wrong. Clearly it was never tested, and for both a battlepass item and for a bazaar item that is simply unacceptable. That does not make the incorrect overinflated size of the containers “correct”.

But, these are just AN example of many items on the BLB that clearly have not been tested prior to being released. Sets that are missing items (Aquilonian Bath set was missing one item it had advertised if I can remember correctly), or simply did not function properly (pet skins making them virtually invincible) or all manner of issue. They need to test these thing far more than they currently are, IF they currently are.

But I don’t buy anything off of the BLB so I don’t experience them first hand. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You don’t nerf premium/paid items once they were sold, period…


This one’s point is that the timing of the correction is what is very… convenient.
Let the bug run as long as it is for sale.

Those who don’t live on the forums will be none the wiser that it isn’t “as intended”.
As they do not deign to list the actual storage capacity, this one would assume it is a Cupboard.

The deliberate not listing of stats and such is, in this one’s opinion, a feature, not a bug. It allows for all kinds of faux Ferengi footshuffles.


How is that any different in adjusting dlc content or, for that matter, core game?

If you follow your logic through, revision ceases because you exchanged money for the old revision and didn’t give permission to to the revised game.

Of course this logic can work against you too in that if this is your stance, then FC has every right to charge you for the revision and ensure old code is not part of the official servers and essentially ban you till you pay up.

So do you still want to go down this road?

Rule of Acquisition #1 Once you have their money, you never give it back. :wink:

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It was a drastic reduction. It’s twice the size of a chest. It should have twice the slots. 200 was indeed too much.
That said, all that diminishes the need for chests is welcome. They are like little lag generators. I can’t wait for the day they give us a fake door (or a foundation with a fake hatch) for an imaginary space labeled as storage, link all benches there and improve performance (and QoL) dramatically.

Yes, but they already have your money once you buy the Crom Coins. Bison bucks are always a good deal, for Bison.
Also they seem to love rule 239,
While ignoring 57.

My bad.

They say that yet, inevitably they drop OP items, then nerf them.


No you do it right to begin with so there’s no need to.

make me google that crap

Never be afraid to mislabel a product.
Good customers are as rare as latinum—treasure them.

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If it’s “cosmetic only” it should have the same footprint and height with other chests.

I suspect they do this on purpose. Giving things higher stats so they sell better. Afterwards they get nerfed. Rinse and repeat.

That… has nothing to do with cosmetics though… :woman_facepalming: Being cosmetics only has to do with the functionality of the item, IE the storage capacity in this case. Not the size of it, which is by it’s very definition, a case of COSMETICS.