Chest of steel would be ideal

I think the addition of a Steel Chest would improve the game. It would have more HP, more storage and a different size/shape. It is quite common to carry steel reinforcements, and this plus scrounged wood could be a mini-QOL improvement. When I’m building in PvE or repairing in PvP, there is often the immediate need to craft a chest, and once you’re in Tier 3, steel is king.

Additionally, it would be really nice to have a hardened steel box. Something like a strong-box with fewer slots and a much smaller size. A lot of people religiously log out nude, and keep their armor and weapons in a chest by the bed. :shield::dagger::inbox_tray: :bed:


I agree with both Barnes. A steel box would be aesthetically pleasing. I have been hoping for an XL Chest for some time now. Something bigger than a Large Chest, but not as large as a Vault of course.

An ‘XS Chest’ would also be nice. Good for storing money and valuables. Great ideas.


I like these ideas of stronger, maybe bigger too steel chest and/or smaller vault. :+1:

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