Sortable Chests on XBox One

Can we look at being able to sort the chests/cupboards etc?

Currently they are set to custom but I’d like it if the chests were sortable by name etc, like the inventory is. It’d save us having to manually move items into groups.

Either that or maybe a folder system like they have on Ark… for those of us that like to group things for ease. :+1:t2:

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IDK what are you talking about.

I am on PC, playing on official,. and can make that sort to be like weight, and all that jazz not just the custom option.

And yessssssss I’d very much like to have folder system.

On XBox, it doesn’t work bud.

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Awww… you should indicate the console type in the title than.
Sorry for your loss anyways.

Thank bud, done that.

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