Equipping a bearer to a storage chest: Automatic resource pulling for crafts

It’d be a nice QoL feature to have bearers equippable to chests/vaults in order for nearby workstations to use the storage chests as extensions and pull resources from them for crafts.



A pipeline for creating 30 epic vanir heavy armors, 30 epic bows, 30 dragon bone greatswords and truncheons, with weapon, blunt fitting, and armor upgrades each.

I am currently modernizing my garrison.

On top of that, I’d like to streamline oil and ichor production for tar conversion.

Automatic mats pulling is something that Starbound, Terraria, Planet Nomads and Empyrion, and modded ARK does well. It’s one of those “can’t live without it, if you’ve experienced it” convenience thing… like warm showers.

It’s a refreshing feature that makes Conan Exiles less annoying to enjoy in the long run.

On second thought, this isn’t going to work, because they scrapped the feeding system for performance reasons, and that kinda works on the same proximity pulling principle?


That’s just my kitchen. (WIP version. The complete version has a row of bee hives)

This is my workshop (old screenshots; lots has changed):

I use to have a lot of vaults, but they take up too much space for the amount they can store. It’s roughly 4 - 5 storage chests which occupy a fraction of the space a vault does.

I use vaults to store structures (alot of tiles, but I don’t wanna keep flipping through chests to find the tile i need)

and for stacking tidbits (micro-sorting junk does my head in every-time I get back to base…but I don’t like wasting resources either)

So why do I need that much storage? Why do I do everything at such an industrial scale?
Cuz I have several public maprooms and outposts, and I have taken it upon myself to take good care of the server, and thus have a lot of infrastructure to maintain/upgrade (like bridges and public domain protections) and a lot of defenses to upgrade and I am a solo player.

I have to have efficient logistics. It’s the main reason I live right next to an obilisk.

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The thing is - what will YOU do when fish will be automatically transferred to a nearest press? :thinking:
CE has like zero outdoor activities.

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Principle can be the same. Method of surfacing is another question though, if a principle is flexible enough. If not, make it as flexible as needed.

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Gathering stone as usual. I see no difference between hauling fish all over the place, and hauling stone all over the place. Just one tedious task made more satisfying than the other.

Like my mom always said: “Trump has to wipe his own backside just like the rest of us.”

Meaning that even veterans grind stone all day.

If automated dragging isn’t going to work, maybe we can do the dragging, but without the need to open our inventories, so it feels a lot less micromanagerial and giving more room for actual motion of the character. At the moment some of the time goes to idling (the character doesn’t do anything at those moments we interact with our inventories).

So to avoid those moments of idleness, at least around stations, the quick inventory screen could be simplified with quick buttons and a crafting queue. Each button adds in an average amount of specific material from any nearby container, that has it, every time they are pressed. Material shown is what can be used in the station, nothing else.

The more experienced we become, the more buttons we discover around the stations (more recipes unlock); depending from our focus. Instead of opening the station inventory to pick up items, the craft queue has them ready for us to pick directly from the quick screen. We can also get a quick glimpse which items are going to be created next.

If a station has a thrall, they would take the items automatically from any nearby container except not in average amounts, but precise amounts. Hence we would be left with the only thing that matters… to rule (and occasionally build stuff, if our thralls are lazy enough or if we reside too far away from the settlement).

What is a tyrant if they have to do their thralls’ biddings?

An automated sorting of storage containers, converging the first typem of ressource put in them from all others in range would be enough for me tbh.

Do you mean a sort of collective container sorting mechanism? Could you open the thought a bit more for me?


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How do you stack more than 2 chests make a pile ?
I tried yesterday after I’ve seen the picture in this thread, but for the 3rd chest it was impossible to make it stack up on the 2 other.

While I’d be apprehensive about returning to base and having my/my bearer’s inventory auto-sorted into several dozen different containers, what I could get behind would be having anything that’s shoved into a Vault auto-sort into chests that are keyed to that vault. This way, it would hopefully avoid having to un-sort stuff that I had a special intention for.

The way I’d implement this would be to add an option to Vaults for them to produce a “Sorting Token”. We would then take that token, and drag/drop whatever material we want onto it — 1 material per token. We’d then take these tokens and insert them into the chests, furnaces, cooking fires, preservations boxes, workbenches, etc. that we wanted those materials to get sorted into.

From then on, any time we dumped inventory into that Vault, it would know to look-up containers with matching tokens within a fixed radius (25? 50 foundations?). Should it find multiple containers with the same token and same type of material, it would evenly split matching items between them.


  1. If a crate, armorer’s bench, and blacksmith’s bench all had a token for iron bars, and I tossed 600 iron bars into the vault, it would deposit 200 into each of those 3 locations.
  2. Say I have 3 furnaces, each with an ironstone and a stone token. Additionally #1 has a glass token, #2 a goldstone token, and #3 silverstone. When I dump several thousand of those materials into the vault, it effectively load balances the ironstone and stone, and splits up the other materials into their pre-assigned furnaces ready for smelting.

While I’d love such a system for efficiency and OCD reasons, I’d truly find it indispensable for helping to decrease the amount of needless clicking inflaming my RSI.

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I imagined a similar approach. :+1:t2:

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You have to offset them slightly. Think building a brick wall. Each row of brick is slightly offset.
I usually make the chests offset towards the right, and a little forward, because you want the chests to poke forward from the shelf the higher they are. Some chests are particularly stubborn and might even need a slight rotation around it’s polar axis (making the chest look sideways a tiny bit).

@Larathiel Love that idea. I can stand behind that.

Micromanagement without the grind.
One small issue I do see cropping up from that is if one wants to craft something specifically, and the workbenches are already full up. Then you godda remove stacks, and reset the ingrediences.

A modification i’d like to add to that idea is; whenever a recipe is engaged, it will pull from whatever pool a token is paired with.

I,.e. if I have a iron token in specific vaults, chests, and refineries, the workbench will only pull iron from those specific receptacles, based on the amount of items you have qeued up.

I am also currently thinking about exploit ramifications of such, like ordering 9000000 iron swords, then cancelling the work order to store 50000000000 iron bars in a workbench for instance.

So it’d have to be a virtual queue, that pulls resources on a per-item basis.

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