Crafting clutter and improved filtering

I believe I have a few community members that have brought up the subject in a few of my posts that deem this serious issue. I have actually just gotten faster at knowing how far to scroll to find what I need to build.

However I do believe that the filter system could actually remove all items one is not seeking in the current filter system and maybe improve it with subcategories to find more specific types of buildings based off materials, such as if I only want sandstone I can click that subcategory and have it. If I want all the building blocks I just don’t click a subcategory, as it stands you can filter them but it just tints them out you still have to scroll and this in its self isn’t really a filter.

I believe this will improve the quality of life of the Exiles and there buildings and just everyday survival. Hopefully more will post that this is needed and funcom will take notice.


I hope people will post their support and suggestions to have this problem addressed if people really want it like I do even a heart I think goes a long way not sure how the heart system works on here tho. If it doesn’t bring it to attention of the staff at funcom don’t heart me being it’s empty like Facebook’s like system. So support with ideas and awesomeness.

Well as a not native English speaker, I just memorized pictures. And the moment I unlock Tier 3 building blocks all dlc content just overwhelms building filter. Separating building category at least into building blocks and everything else would be great. As it is building category is overloaded.

Also locking dlc stuff with 0-1 feat points cost would be nice. The dlc content spam is a bit to much.

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Right now, I’m hoping for a new tab in options page that lets me uncheck building styles.
If I’m making my 1 dlc and insulated… i dont need sandstone and sandbrick in my crafting menu. XD

It would be nice to build quicker overall. (like you all mention, you get use to how far scroll down and were a item is located)

BUT, I also really like the Building Workbench. So you could toss everything in, tell it to build 10 walls, 10 ceiling of said types. And go off and do something. Or make several yourself to double build efforts.

To me, unchecking certain build types i do not use be great, OR just not buying feats. And letting a T3 Crafting thrall do all work on a Bench. this way my crafting menu is just campfire/bed roll and assorted on go stuff.

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Yes I agree I like all of that. Now for the sake of it where is your base :smirk: I want to visit and see what you got going on and ransack the place muahahaha. No but yeah it’s nice to be able to effectively remove things I don’t need as if I craft 1 item and forget and back out I have to re-scroll down again so that is annoying. But don’t mind that Zamorian Thief looking at your benches :shushing_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Don’t mind pack of greater wolves who stay inside my home. =3

Awe! Doggies love me! I bring the bacon!

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