Purge thralls doesnt matter anymore=?

So i just came back for the game, and i see the updates.

My question is, what about purge thralls? Before they were REALLY unique, and i just got cimmerian purge, and captured som thralls (Finnbar of Cimmeria) (Beastmaster) (Brewer) stuff like that.

But i look at recipe on armorer, and its the same as normal T4 armorer?

I can’t speak to those specific thralls, but FC is working towards removing the unique aspects of T4 thralls, and cutting out the benefits of having all of them (or most of them).

Yes, but FC gives some benefits even to T1 Thralls: not only small increase in crafting speed but better stats for armor and weapon, so nowdays it’s much better to have T1 crafter than no crafter at all. I like this change.

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