Difference between normal T4 and purge T4 thralls?

Heya guys,

just tried to find some information about T4 thralls and the differences of those from the Purge. In one video a person said that for example T4 purge smelters provide 150% crafting speed, meanwhile normal T4 smelter provides only 100% higher crafting speed. So is this still valid, or was it removed with the Sorcery, so all T4 thralls are the same now?

For example I’ve just caught T4 purge aesir taskmaster and carpenter and have no idea whether they mean something special, or have some crafting speed advantages or not. If someone could recommend some site where all this info is summarzied somehow, I would be grateful.

I would appreciate your opinions and experience, thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Just tried to look specifically for the names of those two. The taskmaster actually provides 150% higher crafting speed, meanwhile that carpenter seems not to do anything in addition, compared to another T4 carpenters. i would still appreciate some summarized source to find out, which T4 from Purge are really worth it and which are not.

Lol… Just found out that EVERY T4 taskmaster provides the 150%+ crafting speed, not only 100% as I originally thought. So far it seems the purge ones are not special in anything. :frowning:


Some blacksmiths gives bonus to damage on the weapon they craft and armorsmith give bonus to armor too, I need to investigate this further, to know who give what. They have a blue icon too.

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Yeah, every blacksmith provides bonuses to dmg, ap and better crafting speed, even the T1 ones. The T4 bladesmith is the best for the best weapon damage bonus. So how about Purge bladesmith? Will he provide even better damage bonus? That is what I am trying to find out, since some of the Purge T4 apparently have something special and better than “normal” T4, and and some not…

From my knowledge purge thralls arent really that diferent from t4 thralls purge fighters have around same hp as relic hunters. But ill have to check about workers

Yes, the fighters are approx the same.

Those frome aesir though do not finish combos, so those numbers and better HP and stats are useless anyway. :slight_smile: I was so excited about my two T4 aesir warriors until I found out that they never do finishers. I was kinda dissapointed from this back then.

So normal T4 smelters apparently provide 100% increased crafting speed. The purge ones provide 150% increased crafting speed.

But what else? What are the other possible advantages of purge thralls, if there are any whatsoever? In another crafters like blacksmiths, carpenters, cooks, alchemists.

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Ok from looking around , thralls no longer impact crafting speed or cost of armors weapons etc… except for thralls that work on production stations , tanners and furnaces , and purge smelter are faster than normal t4 ( tried it in singleplayer)

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So the better ones are only those for the stations without any recipe interface, am I getting it right? But in another video from 2022 a player tried T4 purge thrall in stove for making recipes, and he was also quicker than the normal T4.

Getting kinda confused from this. :thinking: So we already know that armorers and blacksmiths are the same as normal. Then we have cauldrons, alchemy benches, stoves, fireplaces, carpenter benches.

Tried to search few names of T4 cooks and compare them. Some provide 100% increased crafting speed (the Purge and Lone Fisherman, for example), and some provide only 100% (Corms the Faithfull and many others).

The only participation i will have to this post is to tell that i hope you’ll find out something different than the one i already know! That there is no difference! I wish it was different but it’s not. Right now the only reason to accept purges are the rare priests, the ones you cannot find as normal spawns. These priests are making stronger religion gear that it’s not gamebreaking however!

Is it correct? It’s a great conversation that will totally derail this post, so i will keep my opinions and let others keep theirs!

I wish i would read something interesting in here, i really do.
But know this, IF there is a difference and someone knows it, most probably he-she won’t share. Most people don’t come here to share, but to steal…

I am eagering for something new!

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Those videos are outdated.
There’s no difference for quite some time now. A t4 purge crafter won’t give you any additional stats.
You only capture purge crafter thralls to have them in your collection, @Archivist . Some have cool clothing.

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As far as I know there are no in-game benefits of the purge outside of removing the urban sprawl. The thrall massive revision eons ago destroyed any individual uniqueness the the thrall functions and simplified the grind to only 3 types of crafting thralls vs all the individual thrall benefits that we used to have. I sort of like the idea that the thralls get additional benefits based on tribe that was mentioned in another thread. I think it should apply to crafters as well. Also I think the gear should have slight cosmetic changes as well due to cultural flares of each tribe.

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I believe there are differences between Purge Thrall fighters and other T4 fighters, the fighters that come in a Beast Tamers purge and Cimmerian Berserker purge (that aren’t Berserkers) all have much higher health to start off then either Dalinsia or Berserkers once captured. This didn’t used to be the case. On my old server all T4 purge fighters had the same health number as the corresponding T4 fighters of that faction, the vitality and strength stats are still the same, but the initial health number is now much higher :slight_smile:

It makes those purge fighters have significantly more health than even my best Dalinsia!

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There is a difference in smelters, guys. And some cooks, for real. :slight_smile: At least wiki says…

Purge smelters provide 150%+ crafting speed, meanwhile normal T4 smelter provides only 100%+. :slight_smile: There are differencies, but not clearly specified. One has to do research and comparisson, and it’s boring.

This doesn’t apply on armorers, blacksmiths, etc.

But imagine to put T4 purge cook in the firebowl cauldron… That means +150% crafting speed. On third better than Mij of Asura, for example.

Just wanted to say that if those information on CE wiki are correct, then there certainly are some differencies. :slight_smile:

Those have more health and better stats, but can’t finish combos and won’t do finishers, sadly. :smiling_face_with_tear: (viz Aesir warriors)

I totally love Karl Smallwood the taskmaster, with his chain armor tasset. :smiley: The same Hamar the Master carpenter. She has beautiful dark green tasset. :slight_smile:

Aesir Warriors are still bugged? What a shame

Faster crafting speed means then the purge meter will move quicker?

Would also mean less need for multiple bases?

The purge meter depends on your experience earned.

So practically yes, when you produce materials more quickly, you get XP more quickly as well and purge meter will be full sooner.

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