T5 thralls: ULTRA UNIQUE

Ok so i know thralls only go up to T4, but i dont know how else to put it. Does any one know where i can find the crafting thralls or what ever else that have special recipes? like Tar/oil etc

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Purge alchemists have tar and oil recipes. The Darfari Witch Doctor at the summoning place also has those recipes and is probably your best bet. It spawns at the Yog pit and shares its spawn point with yog priests.


Those are ultra unique because you have to be lucky enough to trigger a humanoid purge.
Then one of a bunch of special thralls has to spawn as part of a wave.
These thralls are unique to purges and come with special recipes and I think they work even more efficiently.
Also what Wak4863 just wrote. Though that alchemist doesnt look like a big deal (hp bar is normal), it actually is t4/5.

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So is only the alchmesit a special thrall? no other ones for like armour weapons carpetry etc

The only other one is the Lone Fisherman, a cook. There are no Armors or Blacksmiths in the world that have “purge” recipes. I don’t think the Armors in the purge have any special recipes either.

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Purge blacksmiths can make Legendary Weapon Repair Kits.

Purge armorers can make three special helmets and the bearer pack.

Purge tanners can make silk from grubs.


I did not know that. Thanks.

i need that master blacksmith (t5) on my official :(((( but i think i will never get it. even in my days with the most playtime i could get no purge at all. and right now i dont get the purgemeter high enough. i wish there would be another way to get him… xbox official 2004

witch doctor as the purge alchemists also give unique drinks when placed in a fermentation barrel!
they craft drinks at faster speed than rest named alchemists also.

purge black smiths also have a unique ability which makes building/steel really easy! they can turn 1 iron reinforcement and 1 steelfire into 1 steel reinforcement, meaning they effectivelly turn the iron to steel ratio into 1:1 (do not underestimate this ability , it is quite usefull)

and purge carpenters can split wood into branches


hmmm i have a big crate fulll with branches, thats 50k or more?? the other way round would be cool, i dont know what to do with braches.
master blacksmiths are really really good :frowning: i neeeeed one xD

I always forget that Purge Tanners can do silk from grub, perhaps because I never use this feature. A trip in one of the caves full of gossamer gives enough to make silk at a better rate than 10 grubs for 1 silk. Any T4 armorer does it at 1 gossamer for 1 silk.

If you have a T4 Priest on an Exaulted Altar of Ymir you can also craft the Berserkers Draught potion there. Not sure if there are any additional gains derived from it. Furthermore, if you put a T4 Purge Alchemist or Dafari Witch Doctor on your Fermentation Barrel, you will gain access to a total of 5 additional recipes, such as Bitter Tea, Pirate Rotgut, Stygian Liquor and Honey Whiskey.

You could also keep an eye out for the ‘Corms the Faithful’ Cook in the upcoming Wine Cellar dungeon. I would wager he will have a unique dish or two among his recipes.


I will literally hunt him across the map daily to slay him. Just to remind all my thralls that Crom can’t be bothered even for his followers. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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for the berserker draught u can hunt down anasteera the seeres spawning at the middle hut that is raised in New asgaard. she does the same as the purge ymir priest :wink:

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well u would be surprised to know that u can put em in ur furnaces as fuel! :stuck_out_tongue: i do that when they get over the number i want !!!

big measures call for big changes! ur best bet is to get a base at mounds near b12 or near NA (near the plateau that is godsclaw is nice-but do not despawn iron there).

these r the places tending to get more human purges atm … u will get either beasttamers or nordheimers…

keep in mind that beast tammers come with a frost dragon with them in the last wave though!

I have just obtained her recently, she is on the Wheel of Pain as we speak. Even better, she is topless.

@Maedhros yep its a one way workload as a Crom worshipper; he watches while we work. But hey, at least he was nice enough to give us the means to do the work. Its almost one of those “gee, well…thanks…” moments. :laughing:

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We need more topless artisans in my opinion. :wink:


Topless blacksmiths, armourers, smelters and cooks aren’t good for suspension of disbelief. I’m a naturist IRL and I only attempted once to cook bare chested, the burns weren’t nice. I won’t even try to imagine working at a workstation that produce bigger and fiercer fires.

Well at least we can have Carpenters and Alchemists. :wink: