Unique t4 thrall recipes

Just looking for a little guidance. Buddy of mine told me yesterday that some t4 thralls ie armorer could craft recipes that other t4 armorers can’t? Is this true and does that mean I have to collect every single t4 out there or is there a small list that do and others just craft the same?

Any help appreciated thanks.

Most t4 amorer craft different recipes depending on the faction theu come from yes. All t4s cam craft all the dlc armors. Then t4 purge armorers can craft the bearer head piece and a few helmets exclusive to them.

T4 purge blacksmith can craft legemdary weapon repair kits and can make steel reinforcents from 1 iron reinforcement and 1 steelfire. (saves crafting time and iron)

t4 purge alchemist or the witch doctor( gotten from summoning place) have additional recipes for tar and black and white dyes.


If you expand the T4 Thralls (named) list on that page you can see what stuff they can craft that others can’t. Please note that there is a lot of overlap there - for example, all Black Hand armorers can craft the Black Hand armor, and all Relic Hunter armorers can craft the Flawless Relic Hunter armor.

In addition to a Faction, each armorer has a specific culture/race which may provide additional armor recipes. For example, Irniz of the Furnace (Black Hand) and Ghamm the Worn (Relic Hunter) are both Zamorian, so they both have the recipe for flawless Zamorian Thief armor.


Thanks for the info has helped us out

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