Purge Crafters / T4 Crafters Exiled Lands


I was not able to find the after-patch-purpose of Purge Crafters.
Are they nonrelevant now?

That would be a shame since i considered them to be a long-term motivation to trigger Purges and trade.
So far i don’t really see any improvement from the last patch for Players on the old map, either with or without the additional recipes from IoS.
But erasing individual skills/recipes from local T4-Crafters on the Map and the bonuses of purge-Thralls would just feel like a huge content-cut (to me).

But maybe i am at least partly wrong and there is indeed still a purpose justifying the effort to catch purge-crafters?


You are do not need thralls enymore :joy: all its in this big unplaceble work station :joy::joy:

actually as of yesterday leg kits were still missing

That is one point.
Also the Steel fortification-recipe from purge-smiths is available without theese now.

To be honest i even hoped for new content from time to time for the old map also - but now it’s even the opposite - there are even content-cuts.
And it’s just to alter game-mechanics to fit not-so-well-elaborated septah-ideas?
From the very announcement of the Septah-concepts i thought that it must be a pain in the ■■■ to get crafting-thralls for the flawless armor you want there.

If one tries to sell a second game based on shared mechanics to an earlier game, one should consider that the second game has to fit the mechanics of the first game.

Are there any plans to fix this and make searching for special thralls, regional and purge, rewarding again?

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From my understanding T4 and purge thralls should have specific effect such as weapons damage armor penetration archery for different carpenters Etc. Probably hasn’t been activated yet.

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Atm you have one of three effects on T4-Thralls.
For Example the Armorer has one trait raising Armor or one Raising durability or one lowering weight.
There seems to be no difference between Named Exile-Armorers from noob River and Named Purge-Thralls from a Berserker-Purge. The Armor-Bonus is the same and i can’t find any Thrall-specific Recipes anymore. If this is true you can just grab all your crafters with the desired trait from the Refugee-Cave and there is no need to get specific crafters from the lemurian, nordheimers, lost tribe, vulcano or purges.

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I do agree, I’m pretty sad that I spent all this time hunting down and farming special crafters like Fia only to have them become completely homogenized with this patch. :< And it feels like they went out of their way to make the formerly ‘best’ crafting thralls into the least desirable T4’s now. :frowning:


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