Official Server purges - missing crafters

Game mode: [Online - Official Servers]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [All]

Hi Tascha,

Thank you for comprehensive list of Issue Status, there is one major issue with Purges not listed

Purge difficulty 6 (default on all official servers) does not spawn any named crafters at all and humanoid purges only in northern regions

Effectively preventing people on official servers from having means to repair legendary weapons, black/white dye and crafting flawless versions of many racial/cultural armor sets

Side note: I wonder why Cimmerians and Nordheimers up north dont have any crafters spawn in their villages, it would make perfect sense to place some their named armorers there

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Set purge difficulty to 6
  2. Spawn purges as you desire
  3. You will never see named crafter
  4. You will not see humanoid purges in desert or swungle

Is this issue only related to purge level 6? Because I’ve seen named thralls multiple times during purge. Even more than one during a single purge! But besides some mitra prists and one smelter I do remember, they were fighter/archer most of the time . Purge level on server was 2.

Hmm, I know there is a randomness to when named thralls/bosses spawn but we can certainly look into it and try to reproduce it. I am also not sure if named purge thralls are fighters in general or if they are supposed to have crafters, too.

No, it’s not. From my experience, what type of Purge you get is highly dependable on where your structures are. I have 2 bases - on at Deserter’s Gutter the other one near the pirate ship, north of Marauder’s Muster.

When Purge is set to 4, I have humanoids (Dogs of the Desert) attacking me at Deserter’s Gutter - triggered around 5 Purges and never got a beast Purge. What I have also noticed - there are the same 2-3 named artisan thralls spawning all the time. I’ve got taskmaster and carpenter, and never met a Blacksmith or a Smelter.
On the contrary, when Marauder’s Muster base is purged - it is always a spider Purge, never a humanoid one.
When I set Purge level on 6 - purge doesn’t trigger at all.

Every humanoid purge comes in waves of attackers, consisting of 6-7 regular archers/fighters and named thrall who has a 50%(I guess) chance to be a fighter/archer and 50% to be an artisan. At least this would make sence and this is how I expect game to be working. Unfortunately, because Purge is bugged, you can also get a wave of level 1 carpenters.

Im sure the crafters are ment to spawn in purges. Purge blacksmiths are only ones wgo can craft legendary weapon repair kits - the only means in game to repair legendaries. Purge alchemysts are the only ones with access to black and white dyes

And purge npcs who craft silk from gossamer, or branches from wood.