Are northern purges spawning named crafters?

I would like to know if they fixed this issue before I create a base in the north.

Come on dudes. Surely someone’s had a northern purge recently.

Personally haven’t had a Purge in months, northern or otherwise

Ok thanks. I’m glad they fixed that one.

Chaonike, are you playing on an official server? Cuz if cimmerian crafters spawn now, i’m gonna hit the grind again lol.

(finally after 9 months)

Would not be able to club (Make friends) with them anyways on my server

I’ve had 7 purges just in december, but only 2 of them happened while I was online and they were animals only, so can’t really tell you.

I know for a fact you can get a named armorer and alchemist at mounds (both non purge).

The rumor is that there is also an extremely rare fighter spawned at the mounds called dalinsia snowhunter, but I’ve never seen her :smile::smile::smile:.

Haven’t had a purge in the volcano for months.

When it was working they just walked into lava and no named at all

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