Legendary weapon repair kits?

Has anyone found a blacksmith who can craft these?

I know the last I saw of this topic was you had to admin them into the game as I am not in a single player game, I cannot do this obviously.

So if you’ve found one, name and location would be great. Or if you got it from a purge, location of your base where purged would also be appreciated.

Only bases located around the southern “noob river” can find crafters during purges of the exiled faction. All other purge factions are content-gated for now due to the purge configuration tables being “commented out” with an extra “S” in their file names.


Me and my clanmates have a pretty large base setup just north of the lake where the Giant Crocodile hangs out. We’ve had that base purged twice with hyenas, there was a small base near us that also got the hyenas…unfortunately the only named thrall with those 3 purges was Du’neman the Dragoon. So of course, we now have 3 Du’neman the Dragoons without even going to his normal Den spawn.

Would that location be included in the possible crafters being in the purge?

And do those crafters have the ability to do legendary weapon repair kits?

Grrr Legbiter would be a Exiled faction armorer for example - the only one capable of making flawless Hyperborean Armor, who isn’t bugged to my knowledge.

Exiled faction purges unfortunately most likely happen to bases near the south river. I think croc lake might actually already be too far north, i.e Tier 2.

Google image search criteria: “conan exiles purge map”

Incidentally the Dogs of the desert is also part of the bugged factions. The lost tribe purge for instance would spawn dalinsia snowhunters only.

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