Exiled Lands Legendary Repair kits?

So… my purge BS on exiled lands seems to no longer make legendary repair kits ? made the new ones and still nothing , though see every one can make the purge bs steel reinforcment… is there some other way to craft Legendary repair kits now ? or they trying to make people farm for it once more ?

use tinker bench with a tempersmith (blacksmih with the hammer icon)

oh? nice have to check that next time im on ,do they also make legendary armor kits now too ?

any armorer that does have the hammer on them (durability one) can using the same tinkers bench

Yah i see the legendary weapon repair kit, sad still no option to craft Legendary ARMOR repair kits , have to farm unnamed for those still aparently. unless they are hidden in some other work bench or thrall ?

Also, so what is the point of the Purge Blacksmiths now ? they seem to be made just like any other now ?

There is, durability armorers craft them.

they wanted to make everything simpler and reduce clutter :smiley:

So, we have two Fia armorers. A couple of days ago they would make legendary armor repair kits. Now they wont. She is a tempersmith. was this intended?

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Please keep an eye on this thread:

I believe it is a bug try to remove and replace or even a new bench

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