How to repair legendary?

Easy question I suppose.
How to repair legendary armor? Is there any thrall, not coming from purge, that allow to craft the legendary weapo repair kit?

hey there , there are legendary armor repair kits you can loot on the bosses of the Unamed City , and also I believe in the warmaker dungeon and the wine cellar , those cannot be crafted ( yet , even with purge thralls ) for the weapons , same as the legendary armor repair kits , you can find legendary weapon repair kits on the same bosses mentioned above , and you can also craft them with a purge blacksmith , there is also the nemedian helm that will repair the weapon you yeild when taking damage ( it is a drop from the spider in skittering cavern )

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Very well @Kanza1. One thing and the window is closing i suppose. God breaker boots do exactly the same job. I think @liquidand did this question because of witch doctor. This alchemist is equal to purge alchemist so maybe we had armorer the same way. Unfortunately not yet. If i can make a wish to crom @Larathiel will come as an armorer in this lands that repairs everything and ofcurse fix the flawless version of Asuras armor. Please crom listen my wish :joy::joy::joy:.


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