Repairing Legendary Armor

Title says it all, is there any way right now to repair legendary armor, example, the stuff from the unnamed city?

Not yet, they’re currently barnstorming the legendary armor

I wouldn’t mind seeing a legendary armor repair kit drop in the unnamed city. They could put the armor kit and weapon kit in a rotation with each other. You get one or the other when you slay the bosses in the city.

Although they did rename the Legendary Armorer to Barks at Moon. So they could be working on some new thralls that can repair them or they were just heading off some confusion. Either way I’d like to ability to repair it as well.

The Legendary weapon kit for a time fixed everything…for what ever reason got knocked to tools and weapons. It should be the final go to for it all and renamed to Legendary Repair Kit.

We really dont need a 2nd tool here… If i could repair gear with them, most of spares I collect would get used at lv60. XD

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