No more possible to repair legendary armor from unnamed city with legendary repair kit

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Your favorite legendary armor from unammed city is about to collapse. you want to repair it with a repair kit.
legendary repair kit do no more work
armorer master repair kit work to repair legendary armor you crafted, but not legendary armor you found in the unnamed city; so you cannot repair your armor found on boss of unnamed city.

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  1. you want to repair legendary armor from unammed city, ie helm of the brute
  2. no repair kit work, neither legendary repair kit or master armor repair kit
  3. you can throw to trash your armor

They mentioned before that it was intended this way as the legendary armor drops have additional stats.


It was never possible, was it? Or if it was, that was a bug, that is now fixed. They wanted to see how these Legendary Armor pieces play out, balance wise, before adding the capability of using them indefinitely (repair kits). I think that makes sense.

Of course being the gross hoarder I am, that just means I have a chest full of legendary gear I never use, which is deeply illogical since never using it is in effect the exact same as not having it, but that’s how a lot of us oldschool gamers are wired.


It was. Sadly “was”.

I repaired my God’s eye several times with a master armor repair kit.
I had though it was intended with this and the war dancers chest as they didn’t have the blurple (could be blue or purple) epic corner outlines on the icon.

Oh well I have a spare to stare at in the cupboard when this one goes.

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Ah, I see. I only have “epic” legendary (isn’t that a contradiction?) gear, that would explain it. Thanks for the info!

so you cannot repair armor from unnamed city because they have attribute ???

but you can repair weapons from unamed city that also have attribute, and by the way all armors have attribute. so not logical to not be able to repair armor from the unnamed city

if this is not a bug there is a gameplay balance problem.

and yes in the past legendary repair kit allowed to repair simply everything

Being able to repair unamed city’s legendary armors was the bug.

Funcom said that they were testing like that before adding potential armor repair kits.

Weapons need to be un-holstered to receive the bonus attributes, while the armors constantly have the bonus attributes and having a full set can be pretty broken for PvP. Most if not all the balances funcom does are based on PvP which sucks, but there is nothing we can do about it.

but to repair weapons of unammed city is normal ???..

i think the way it was working in the past was fine and balanced; been able to repair both weapons & armor with legendary repair kit.

because there are legendary weapon kits but no legendary armor kits.

on that i agree, so may be when you do the change; you introduce at the same time the legendary armor repair kit otherwise there is a problem of game balance…

funcom wanted to see if these items will cause imbalance before deciding to give an option to the players to keep and use them permanently by allowing them to repair. on the last stream, if I am not mistaken, funcom mentioned that they intend to add ways to repair these armor pieces.

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yeah, it might be added later. probably through purge t4 armorers.

Yes, Funcom has stated that Legendary Armor Repair Kits are confirmed to be added at some point. :soon: