Legendary weapon repair no longer able to craft

Game mode: PVE: (Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: | PvE]
Region: America

Before the last patch i was able to craft the legendary weapon repair kits since the new patch my T4 crafters can no longer craft them. Bug or something that was missed.

No real step but i dont have the option to craft them any longer

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Can’t make armor patch kits either, even with a T4 durability armorer.

for the legendary weapon repair kits , you will need to craft the tinker’s bench (new bench added , lookout for tanners table also as it’s the 2 that are easily missed in the crafting / feat list . + a durability ( small icon of a hammer ) T4 blacksmith for the receipe to apear in the list

for the armor patch kits , it’s being looked into

Did that also it doesnt work in exiles i checked my thralls and i have the feat I would not of posted this otherwise.
I added the tinker bench, checked all my named npcs the ones who used to have it.
I have the grandmaster feats for armorer and blacksmith in both instances siptah and exiles.

Do any of those have a hammer icon? Purge does not matter. the named that have the hammer icon are the only one who can do it now.

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well it’s weird , you may have a problem since for me it works fine

Screen taken a minute ago on Official pve-c EU Exiles land :

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This may help to identify specializations, among other things. If you just want the cheat sheet:



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I see it now under tinker station what about armor repair kits? i have both feats i dont see it on the tinker table

My bad it has to be on tinker station
I did check all armor smith icons no legendary armor repair kits .

Yeah it has been reported for the Legendary armor repair kit , they don’t show at the moment , hope it will be fixed soon , when you say you have both feats , i quite don’t understand what you mean since legendary repair kits ( armor and weapon ) are not a feat to learn , it’s stops at the “master” tier , legendary repair kits , prior to the 2.1 patch were only made via a purge blacksmith for the weapon repair kit , and for the armor , well there was no receipe to craft them prior to 2.1.0 patch that introduced them on the tinker station with a T4 armorer , but now 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 don’t have them anymore , bug or intended that is the real question …

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