Tinker's Bench and Thrall

I got two questions. One is is there a way to get the Master kit repair down to 3 hardened steel bars like it was before patch and how do i craft legendary armor repair kits?

I have a tinkers bench with the thrall: Hyam Hammerhand who has the blue icon hammer above his head. All it seems to do is give me the ability to craft a legendary weapon repair kit. But thats it. Help please :frowning:

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at the moment there is no cost reduction for those , I hope in the future will come and improved version and T3 versions of it and the tanners table offering the same advantages as other T3 / improved benches.

For the legendary armor repair kits you want to put an amorer (with the hammer icon) on the tinker’s bench

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Ah thank you. Hopefully they come up with a follow-up patch fixing a lot of the issues.

Armor should produce legendary armor repair blacksmith should give legendary weapon repair kits. But I think tinkers bench is bugged…

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