Thank you for the Tinkers Bench

I can now craft legendary repair kits with Beri on the bench, I am so tired of running UC and killing boss mobs for a few kits. Many thanks FC Devs


It’s handy. I still need to make Unnamed City boss runs because my collection is missing a few legendaries, so I’m not running out of repair kits just yet - but it’s nice to know that I’m no longer dependent on that one Purge blacksmith when I eventually move my main adventuring location elsewhere.

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Just found out that Dayn of Kush, a T4 Armorer makes the legendary armor repair kits in the tinkers station also.


Every Temperwrigth and ever Tempersmith can make the according armor/weapon repair kits.

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Even T3s?

T3s don’t have a specialization.

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Ok, but you know know I am talking about Legendary, not just master kits, correct?

Tempersmiths and Temperwrights grant you legendary repair kits.

Tempersmiths for Weapons, Temperwrights for armor.

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Just plugged Chelkus the Smith into my tinkers bench, and nothing… no legendary kit to be made (and yes, i have the master tinker feat). What am i missing?

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