Armorer temperwrights does not work

Hello. The manufacture of legendary armor repair kits by the armorer temperwrights does not work for me. Armorer makes large sets instead of legendary ones. The blacksmith can craft a legendary set. The game files are checked, armorer Wynna, master armorer skill unlocked, if it matters. Is this a bug on my account or is it a game setting?
Thanks for your help or answer.

Its so weird, the Master Armor Repair kitt shouldn’t be in that place, I noticed this too yesterday.


I came to the forums and made an account for this very reason as well.
No, it appears it is incorrectly configured for all of us, making it a minor bug. The T4 temperwright armorer makes Master Repair Kits, instead of the Legendary ones.

The blacksmith works fine, but he armorer needs an adjustment.

Thank you!

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